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During my time on the City Council, I feel I have accomplished many notable things. Six of them are listed below.

#1. Sponsored Legislation which led to the hiring of an additional codes enforcement officer that does strictly Pro-Active enforcement.

#2. Sponsored legislation which gave Independence a procurement policy with local preference.

#3. Sponsored legislation that brought better security protocols to carnivals. I did this because of multiple incidents at our annual Santa Cali Gon Days.

#4. Sponsored Legislation that changed the way Sunshine requests were handled which brought better transparency to the process.

#5. I brought up the idea of “signing bonuses” to increase the size of our police force. We were able to accomplish this with federal stimulus money.  This program has been a success!

#6. The implementation of body-work cameras for the Police Department. I sponsored multiple pieces of legislation to make this happen.

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